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Day 1 - Crich to Lands End

Saturday 29 April 2006

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Route Description

I will be able to cycle down the hill from Crich to Whatstandwell station and start my journey there.


I will be getting a train down to Bristol where my good friend from university, Henry, will be picking me up and we will travel down to Sennen together where we are staying the night in John and Betsy's cottage.

Journal entry

Set off from home at 7.25 this morning in glorious sunshine. Got the happy news at the station that Sheena and Steve had a baby boy last night. Now sat on the Bristol train with my bike hanging on a hook! Just had the happy news that there are signaling problems ahead...yawn. Oh well, back to reading about the travails of the Labour party in the Guardian. More later...

Arrived in Bristol only 15 minutes late in the end and, having safely unhooked the bike, I met Henry as she was walking into the station.

Our journey then continued in Henry's car as far as Drogo Castle in Devon - on Jonathan's excellent recommendation. It's a fine National Trust property and served as a lovely leg stretch and lunch stop. We even learned two new facts. 1) That it is the highest National Trust garden in England and 2) that croissants were invented by a Viennoise patisier mocking the Turkish symbol after an Austrian victory in the 1600s.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, broken only by grocery shopping in Penzance. Having scorned Tesco and Morrisons, we felt rewarded for our moral high ground when we found a wonderful greengrocer and a couple of deliciously stocked delis. The lady in the greengrocer was wide-eyed at the number of bananas we bought.

John and Betsy Field's cottage in Sennen overlooks the beautiful west facing Gwynver beach, only a couple of miles from Lands End. After a breezy strole along part of the coastal path (hang on, shouldn't I be resting my legs?!), we settled down to a hearty ton of risotto and a calming glass of wine.

Cake Review - Apple and Blackberry Pie from the lilac coloured Penzance deli (didn't get it's name). Pastry good consistency, could have had slightly more fruit. 6/10.

Once I phone this update through to Jonathan, it will be off to bed I think...... there may be a lot of Mini's to negotiate at Lands End (more on that tomorrow) so we'll be up early! Keep reading, posting messages and texting.
Setting off from Whatstandwell station - the adventure begins!

Bike transport, by Virgin trains

Castle Drogo

On Sennen beach with Henry

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