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Day 14 - John O'Groats back home again! Weather icon, click for today's weather in this location Today's weather in John O'Groats

Friday 12 May 2006

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Route Description

Dad is kindly picking me up in John O'Groats and driving me back down to Cumbria from where Rog will take me back to Crich.

So far north, the only way was south again!

Not compelled to eat porridge this morning, I tucked into an indulgent bowl of coco-pops for my breakfast! Then, with the bike firmly tied on to the back of dad's car (definitely not tempted to ride it anywhere!), left the Seaview Hotel and John O'Groats.

However, before turning south, we followed the road north to the most northerly point of the UK mainland - Dunnet Head. Here there is a fantastic view across to Orkney and the Old Man of Hoy. After the last scenic photos of the trip, the only way to go without getting wet, was south - so south it was.

Some 408 miles and seven and three quarter hours later, we arrived back in Unthank which I had left six days earlier. Mum had prepared a great welcome - balloons on the door, champagne in the fridge and a delicious meal ready. Crowning it all was the dessert...Having been a little miffed at her daughter's performance earlier in the week, mum pulled out all the stops, going 'old-school' but with a modern twist and producing a black forest roulade! It was superb and a fitting finale to the cake eating marathon - I am going to have to cut down unless I continue to cycle 100 miles a day!

Once more, thanks to all who have supported me. I spoke to Crusaid this afternoon and they are extremely grateful to the massive generosity everyone has shown in sponsoring me. This kind of event really does help them to keep doing their vital work both in the UK and overseas.

Oh, I nearly forgot, in case anyone was wondering...I didn't have one puncture on the whole trip!

Cake review - Black Forest Roulade - Heavenly light chocolate sponge, moist dark cherries, a sprinkling of curled chocolate, a whiff of brandy and just enough familial competition - 11/11
Dad at Dunnet Head with the Orkney's in the background

With cake supremo!

Toasting my journey with Mum and Dad

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