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Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for HIV and Aids


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Gear for the trip

I have been riding my Thorn Audax since February last year and love it. Geared with a combination of speed and luggage in mind and with practical additions like the panier rack and mudguards, it suits my commuting needs to the ground. As I haven't decided whether I need to be independent on this trip yet, I may well need to have my paniers with me anyway.

If anyone is interested in the full spec of the bike, just e-mail me.

My Bike

This is my trusty Thorn Audax. I bought it in January 2005 after a headon SMIDSY - "Sorry, mate, I didn't see you" - collision put paid to my Dawes Galaxy. It's a really comfortable ride and carries me and my gubbins to and from work with ease.

The Cockpit

For commuting in winter, the handlebars get pretty cluttered with lights, battery pack, speedo etc. However, for the photoshoot, and also for the LEJOG, it will just be the speedo to focus on.


I am a devoted follower of fashion, but also value my life. A now smashed version of this head gear saved my skull in my spectacular collision last January. I am now never without.

The T-shirt

Check out my promotional t-shirt that John E Wright have very kindly donated. Look out for me and others involved as we wear these t-shirts the length of the country. Kindly designed by Anne Hyde.


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