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matlock footbridge campaign

Picture of railway footbridge in Matlock


This website gives you, the public, the opportunity to register your disapproval of that ugly monstrosity which has appeared in the picturesque spa town of Matlock - the massive footbridge erected in our Victorian station yard in the heart of the Matlock Bridge Conservation Area.

The website has been developed by a group of Matlock residents, who cannot believe that our local council, Derbyshire Dales District Council, has allowed such a hideous structure to ruin a pretty little corner of our town. We cannot accept that the footbridge is here to stay - and we want your support to help us get rid of it! We believe there are much better ways of providing pedestrian access across the railway to the new Sainsbury's store, and we want all the agencies in the town to work with local people to find the best solution.

On this site, you can view pictures of the footbridge and see its impact on the surrounding area. You can learn about the background to how this monstrosity came to be built. You can also view the press coverage of the protests about the footbridge thus far.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can register your disapproval of the bridge by signing our on-line petition, and by choosing the option you think is best for the future of the bridge. You can also download some sample letters to send to the key agencies responsible for the design, location and maintenance of the bridge. You can also find out how to contact the Matlock Footbridge Campaign.

Thank you for your support!

Make your voice count and sign the petition now!

You can still sign the on-line petition to make your views known, even though we have submitted the petition to the County Council, District Council and Sainsbury's.


280 people have already signed on-line and over 670 on the paper petition to call for a re-think of the footbridge! Read some of their comments on the petition page!

We recently wrote a complaint letter to Derbyshire Dales District Council. You can read it here. The petition has also been presented to the District Council, at their meeting on 24th January. The Council has now provided a written response. We also presented the petition to Derbyshire County Council at their meeting on Wednesday 6th February. You can read the transcript of their response to campaigners' questions at the meeting. We sent a copy to Sainsbury's and they have written back - you can read the letter.

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