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Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for HIV and Aids


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Route and daily journal

***New entry*** - So far north, the only way is south again!

The route I took called in on as many family and friends as I could so that I could guarantee a carbohydrate feast each evening to keep me going the following day!

By clicking on each of the days below, you can see a description of day's planned route and as I completed each leg, a journal entry for you to follow.


P***ture, snow and three weeks to go!

2,000 reached...2 weeks to go!

Packing, press, padding and polishing..,

Day 1 - Crich to Land's End

Day 2 - Land's End to Liskeard

Day 3 - Liskeard to Wellington

Day 4 - Wellington to Bristol

Day 5 - Bristol to Reddich

Day 6 - Reddich to Crich

Day 7 - Crich to Clitheroe

Day 8 - Clitheroe to Unthank

Day 9 - Unthank to Edinburgh

Day 10 - Edinburgh to Crianlarich

Day 11 - Crianlarich to Fort Augustus

Day 12 - Fort Augustus to Lairg

Day 13 - Lairg to John O'Groats

Day 14 - John O'Groats back home


All in all, the route is 1,000 miles with an average of 83 miles a day.


Training for this epic is underway. Read this training page for full details on what training I am doing and how it is going.

Map of UK with route - click for more details of route

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