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Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for HIV and Aids


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How to support me by giving Crusaid loads of cash!

The charity that all money raised through sponsorship has gone to is Crusaid which you can find out more about on the Charity page. Every penny pledged went to Crusaid - I paid personally for any costs I had in doing the trip.


I raised a total of 5,547 - can you believe it! Thank you so much to all who were so generous. You can still give a donation to Crusaid - just click on 'Charity' on the left and follow the link to their site. I will be posting some information soon about what all the money will be used for.


I decided that the easiest way to organise the sponsorship was to set up an online giving site with Justgiving. That way, people could pay using a variety of cards - credit or debit - and they sort out nifty things like Giftaid. This is the government scheme which means charities can claim back the tax on your donation making it worth even more to them.

You can still visit my cyclaid justgiving site but it is closed for sponsorship!



25 could help to save the lives of young people in southern Africa by providing community leaders with HIV prevention training packs and fund one-to-one training sessions

40 could provide one family in Benoni, South Africa with practical and emotional help for a year, including transport to hospital, nursing care, counselling and essential food and school books

Another way to give Crusaid money which might help you give a super large amount would be to set up a direct debit to give them a regular donation over a few months. You can do this very quickly and easily online by following this link and filling in the form. If you do decide to support me in this way, it would be useful if you could let me know how much you are going to give by sending me an e-mail. This way I can keep a running total.


Finally, if you would like to send a cheque (though remember this will not be a tax-efficient donation if you are a UK tax payer), make it out to 'Crusaid' and send it to my address which you will find on the Contact & Comment page.

3 a month could help someone living with HIV to travel to a specialist centre to get advice on treatments and staying healthy

5 a month could soon provide a young person living in a bedsit with a fridge for storing HIV medication

10 a month could enable eight community outreach workers to run education and information sessions about HIV with young men and women from minority communities

Map of UK with route - click for more details of route

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