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Days, hours and minutes until I set off:

Packing, press, padding and polishing...

Wednesday 26 April

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3 days left, 3,000!

It's intriguing and frustrating how difficult it is to get such a small number of possessions together to pack! I have just spent the best part of an hour looking for my lightest pair of trousers for wearing in the evenings...and failed. I have also passed a happy 20 minutes weighing out little bags of energy drink powder ready for each day. Interestingly, 10 bags of 100g weigh a kilo - not another kilo in my luggage...groan. I will be finding space for my terrific t-shirts, kindly donated by John E Wright of Derby - check 'em out!


I am amazingly close to 3,000! I am going to have to up the target again!!! Fantastic generosity has seen donations come flying in over the last 10 days - so who knows what could happen over the next few days before I set off.


Training is now pretty much at an end, though I think I will cycle to and from work one last time on Friday to stretch out the muscles before the long journey south.


I spent 4 hours on Sunday deconstructing and reconstructing my bike in readiness for its thousand miles of toil. It is now shining and fully equipped with new tyres, inner tubes, break pads and a good smearing of lubricant. Monday's ride to work was a breeze! Monday also saw the arrival of my tub of Assos Cream which, for the uninitiated, I will smear into the padded gusset (Claire B's word, not mine!) of my cycling shorts. Apparently, it does wonders to prevent chafing! (Yes, you do right to wince at that!!)


I would like to say that the last few days have also been a whirlwind of press interviews and photo calls since I sent out my press release...but that wouldn't quite be true! I have, however, had my photo taken for the Derbyshire Times and Matlock Mercury and am hoping that some other local media will pick up the story before I head off.


Finally, don't stop giving! Crusaid really needs your support and they are immensely grateful for the money you have donated or pledged so far. Help me to smash my new target to smithereens and get well beyond the 3,000.


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Next update will be after the journey to Sennen on Saturday night - courtesy of Mr Field in the Woking technical base!

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