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Days, hours and minutes until I set off:

Three weeks to go!

Monday 10 April

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P***ture, snow and three weeks to go!

Well, this Sunday marked three weeks left and counting down! Training has been going OK, what with a week altitude training in the Alps skiing up mountains (fortunately no broken bones!) and a good last few weeks building up the mileage.


This weekend I did 42 on Saturday and had the joy of a puncture halfway round and the salutary lesson of not carrying a spare tube. 20 minutes later, I had completed the repair and was back on my way but needless to say, when I got back home, I was straight on to the web to order some extra spare tubes and a couple of new tyres!


Sunday saw another 58 miles behind me, part of which was through a driving blizzard! It was so bad, I had to keep wiping the snow off my front light to make sure I was still visible. However, when I finally started the welcome descent into Hathersage, the clouds cleared and a patch of blue sky and sunshine lit up the whitened hills of the High Peak - beautiful!


Plans for the journey are coming together, with my train south booked and B&Bs sorted for most nights that I will need them. I just need to write a list now of things to pack in my paniers whilst keeping them as light as possible as there will be days when I will be unsupported.


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Next update in a week or so's time when the count down will really begin.

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