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Days, hours and minutes until I set off:

Two weeks and counting...

Monday 17 April

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2,000 reached...2 weeks to go!

Woke up this morning to find that my target of 2,000 had been reached thanks to the generosity of everyone who has sponsored me so far. I have upped it to 3,000...so don't stop giving now!!!


With my family around over Easter holiday weekend, I had lots of encouragement and completed two long rides on Friday and Saturday mornings, 57 and 64 miles respectively so I feel I will manage the sort of mileage I need to each morning. It's just going to be getting back on the bike for the afternoon that will be a problem!!!


I am now going to be joined on a few days of my route by various different people which is great...if anyone else fancies a spin, just let me know. Calum, who is joining me from Bristol to Reddich, has also been kind enough to post a suggested packing list in my forum which will be very useful! Take a look at what I will be carrying.


This coming week will be spent getting the last of my long trips in before calming down on the training in the week just before I go. I am also going to take my bike in for a service - you never know, they might be able to make the hills seem less steep just by re-greasing my bearings! I will also be issuing a press release this week to try generating some coverage locally...look out on the press & publicity page for any newspaper cuttings.


Finally, don't stop giving! Crusaid really needs your support and they are immensely grateful for the money you have donated or pledged so far. Help me to smash my target to smithereens and reach 3,000 and beyond.


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Next update in a week or so's time when the packing and panicking begin.

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